The list is indicative, showing the price of the most commonly used services.
With individual needs, feel free to contact me for details


Make-up for photograpy 33 EUR-
Make-up+hair 50 EUR-
Bridal make-up 100 EUR-
(price includes the trial make-up before the wedding and skin corection for the broom)
Make-up for bride's mother 26 EUR
Make-up for bridesmaid 21 EUR
Eyelash extension 7 EUR


3 hour make-up teaching 65 EUR
5 hour make-up teaching 100 EUR
3 hour make-up teaching for two 120 EUR
5 hour make-up teaching for two 160 EUR
1.5 hour practicing 50 EUR


Should you have any questions feel free to contact me!
Mobile: +36 30 5190352
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